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The Future Development Of Solar Street Lamp Industry Is Worth Looking Forward
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Solar Street lamp has become a hot industry now, many businesses have valued the industry, but the solar street lamp still has many potential problems, the following is a small series to explain.
First of all, each solar street lamp is a relatively independent system, the construction of equipment without embedded cable, also do not need to dig the road, which saves manpower and equipment costs, but also a small box of aging security risks, especially the power construction time is relatively tense, long.
Because the device address of each ring target is not the same, the solar street lamp can be used for lighting will have considerable influence. Researchers use daily lighting time based on the need to ensure that lighting uses the maximum number of days and street light bulbs under the condition that the battery's power load is based on plans.
Only sunlight solar panels or light can usually be declared equivalent to 1/10 received light power, in order to make the solar panels, minimizing light reflection, to convert energy into electricity, usually in his box covered with a layer of light reflective film. and a purple color is the appearance of the solar panel. Solar streetlights are made up of four parts: photovoltaic modules that convert light energy into electricity, light-emitting diodes, solar cells, solar cells, and Ryan and power controller controls. In the daytime absorbs the light component, converts the solar energy to the electric energy storage in the solar cell, the night dawn discharges the illumination, Qingtian stone, usually according to the light strong desire, only then 4 hours, each charge can ensure 5 days above, completes after 3 days the continuous rainy day also to be able to operate normally.
Age of use. Solar panels not only provide electricity, they can also provide electricity at night. Solar panels also use the same sound, which is made up of semiconductors. Silicon main data, there are also some other alloys. The appearance of solar panels is made up of two different properties. When solar panels are illuminated, light energy can be converted into electrical energy, so that the current from one side to the other. Solar panels are based on the principles of planning.