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The Development Potentiality And Superiority Analysis Of Solar LED Illumination Lamps
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Technical innovation of solar energy illumination
Led to Low-power, extraordinary service life is widely used in signal indicators, digital display and other weak areas. However, because the traditional LED light source angle is small, the point area brightness is high, the light scattering has the extremely strong directionality, the light source is easy to form the light spot, the light uniformity degree is not good and so on factors, constrained its application in the illumination domain.
Through to the traditional solar lighting structure, intelligent controller, reflective lamp angle update and technical improvement, the best tilt angle design, so that the flat and round head complement each other, so that its luminous more uniform, higher overall brightness, lower cost, more conducive to application promotion.
Flat-Head LED column type Han combined light source structure, through reasonable control of the flat head ultra-high brightness white LED installation tilt angle, so that led combination light emitting light uniformity and illumination has been greatly improved. This technology not only can enhance the light efficiency, and the combination of light energy consumption of only about 4 W, the brightness of the emitted light can reach 20W energy-saving lamp or 40W incandescent lamp brightness, can more effectively use solar energy. Only need 12W solar cell capacity, 12V/24AH Battery group can ensure that this led light-emitting source in 5 rainy days continue to work effectively, and, the service life in more than 100,000 hours, for energy-saving lamps more than 10 times times.
A combination of light-emitting sources--the cross and the rectangular combined light source--are specially developed for the field of street lamps, give full play to flat-head LED lighting angle of light uniformity and the advantages of high brightness round led point area, so that the two complement each other, to play the greatest light effect, overcome the flat-head led Point area brightness as round led, And round head LED light uniformity is not as good as the shortcomings of flat-top led.
In the controller, the use of solar photovoltaic conversion technology to achieve maximum energy collection, after the completion of the power reserve, the battery to the light-emitting source to provide 12V DC power, so that the light-emitting source generated 6500K of white light. At the same time, by simplifying the structure of intelligent controller, the structure is simpler, the failure rate is lower, and the technical preparation for further reducing the cost is done. Moreover, by detecting the output of solar cells and the battery power, the system working state is determined, and the automatic control and intelligent management of the whole system is realized.
Popularization and application of solar lighting lamps
Solar energy as a new green energy, with its unparalleled advantages to be rapidly applied. As the fourth generation of new light source, in the city lighting landscaping, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other fields of illumination and application has been effectively used. Especially in remote areas, solar lighting lamps have a wide range of application prospects.
Generally speaking, energy-saving lamps can save energy 4/5 is a great pioneering, but the LED than energy-saving lamps and energy-saving 1/4, which is the great innovation of solid light source. In addition, LED also has a high light quality, basically no radiation, reliable and durable, maintenance costs are extremely low and other advantages, belonging to the typical green light source.
The development of super bright LED has greatly reduced the cost of using solar lamps, made it reach or close to the initial cost of power-frequency alternating current lighting system, and has the advantages of protecting environment, simple installation, safe operation and economical energy saving. Because of the high light efficiency and low calorific value of LED, more and more applications have been applied in the field of illumination, and the trend of replacing traditional illumination light source is presented.
In the western part of China, the non main road solar street lamp, solar garden lights gradually become scale. With the vigorous development of solar lamps, "green lighting" will become a trend.