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Rural Solar Street Lamps: For The Lost You Light The Way Home
- Aug 31, 2017 -

According to statistics, China's lighting power consumption accounted for about 12% of the whole society, and energy waste is serious, lighting energy saving is not only an urgent need to solve the problem, but also a wide range of social problems. It is understood that the traditional lamps are basically high-pressure sodium lamp, although it is easy to light, but the energy consumption is greater. Transformed into led new rural Solar street lamp, not only more light efficiency, longer service life, and energy conservation and environmental protection. According to estimates, a 100-watt high pressure sodium lamp lamp or Miner's lamp, continuous use of 10 hours, consumption of 1 degrees of electricity, and the same illuminance LED street lamps, continuous use of 10 hours, only 0.32 degrees of electricity consumption, energy-saving rate reached 68%. According to the Municipal Engineering Association of China City Lighting Professional Committee of Statistics, as of 2015, 1065 cities nationwide existing street lamps more than 30 million, and power consumption, low brightness of traditional high-pressure sodium lamp occupies a high proportion of the amount of retained, these have become a problem that municipal managers should not be ignored.
Because the production of solar street lamp factory output energy generation system is very stable, so a task needs personnel equipped with battery system, solar cell DC lead battery, to reach the threshold value, the talent supply lighting load, the characteristics of the battery directly affect the mission system efficiency, reliability and price, The selection of individual battery capacity should be guided by the following principles: first, in the light of the premise can be satisfied, solar lighting days as much energy as possible storage, but also can be stored with the booking of the continuation of rainy night lighting needs electricity.
In simple terms, integrated solar street lamps will be efficient solar panels, long-life lithium batteries, high luminous efficiency LED and intelligent controller, PIR human body sensor module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. concentrated in one of the solar road lamps. From our po-run lighting factory to see, lithium-ion integrated design makes solar road lamps more simple fashion, both lightweight and practical. Through the hand can realize remote control operation function and monitor the operation of the product, remote fault warning and prediction, state inspection, mode control. More time-saving and efficient. Not only so high capacity long-life lithium battery, the use of efficient controller allows integrated solar street lamp charging efficiency, longer service life, in rainy days is also more advantageous.
With the pace of construction of new countryside speeding up, the rural infrastructure is becoming more and more perfect, the road is flat, the lights are bright, the supporting facilities are complete, and the farmers ' days are beautiful. Solar street lamps for new rural construction add new scenery. Solar street lamps through photovoltaic panels to convert solar energy into electricity, and surplus electricity savings to the battery, even if the continuous week of rainy days can also normal lighting, to the new rural road lighting construction to bring great convenience, but also to let the villagers embark on a happy road.