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New Technology Of Energy Saving And Reducing Consumption Of Solar Energy And Ground Source Heat Pump
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Sunlight Import Technology
A device called "Sampapu" system that uses solar energy for indoor lighting is a device that is truly healthy, green, energy-efficient and safe. The device consists of a lighting cover, a waterproof device, a 30 degree or 50-degree light guide pipe, ceiling fixtures and light diffusers, and other components, whether in sunny or cloudy days or even rainy day, can efficiently put the outdoor natural light through the lighting into the system, through a special production of light pipe transmission and reinforcement, Through the diffuse device at the bottom of the system, the natural light is evenly exposed to the interior. According to this principle, "Tongji Oriental solar lamp" lighting system, with natural light lighting, no power costs, lighting is not affected by the direction and window opening or not; system-wide closed structure to prevent the entry of dust and mosquitoes, no need to clean and maintain Compared with the traditional roof lighting device can avoid summer heat transfer and winter heat loss of the defects, can effectively reduce the summer refrigeration and winter heating costs; good health, natural light to make people comfortable, diffuse device light soft, do not produce glare, no reflection on the display. The underground garage of Beijing Olympic Stadium will use the "Tongji Oriental Sun lamp" optical catheter technology to collect natural light to provide natural light for underground garage duty room.
Solar photovoltaic power generation technology
As a national science and technology Demonstration Project, the Beijing National Stadium's 100-kilowatt solar photovoltaic power station is one of the largest solar photovoltaic plants in Beijing. In design, it pays attention to the combination of solar power generation system and architectural aesthetics. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels will be installed in the roof lighting windows and the south façade of the glass curtain wall. They are not only the maintenance structure of building shading, lighting and rain, but also generate electricity, which generates 212-kilowatt per hour daily. These devices provide 15000 square meters of lighting power for underground garages, bypassing daytime power spikes. Photovoltaic modules and the magnificent architectural appearance of integration, not only save energy, but also very environmental protection, to the public directly demonstrated the solar photovoltaic technology.
The Yangtze River Tunnel in Shanghai will use solar energy for the first time. The tunnel is located in the Expo area between Lupu and Nanpu Bridge, the tunnel is a two-way 4-lane, the main line from the south of the south of Tibet Road, Zhongshan Road, along the southeast of the Huangpu River to the Pudong South Road Binzhou Junction, full length of about 2.67 kilometers, of which the tunnel length of 1170 A total of 250 square meters of solar photovoltaic panels are designed and installed at the top layer of the Light Transition section of the cross-river tunnel entrance, using solar energy for the daytime to power up to 40-kilowatt per hour to provide partial power for tunnel lighting. It is reported that at present the relevant design is basically completed, only 4 million yuan of funds to implement.
Ground source heat Pump technology
In the composition of energy consumption in underground street, two main items are energy consumption of air-conditioning system and illumination system. The energy consumption of air-conditioning system changes with the seasons, and the illumination system is more stable in the year without changing the seasons. It can be seen that the energy-saving design of underground street should focus on two aspects of reducing energy consumption of air conditioning and lighting system.
At present, underground space facilities using energy-saving air-conditioning cold and heat source equipment are: water source heat pump air-conditioning, ground source heat pump, storage air-conditioning (ice storage, water storage air-conditioning), cold, heat, electricity triple supply (CHP) equipment, which is a water source heat pump air-conditioning system is a new energy-saving equipment using the formation. The shallow ground can be the energy conversion form of the Earth absorbing solar radiation, which exists in the constant temperate zone of soil and groundwater within hundreds of meters of the earth surface, which is not affected by the region and climate, and the temperature is relatively constant. It is both recoverable and renewable, and is an inexhaustible source of low-temperature Energy (10℃~25℃). In winter, the circulating water pipe of heat pump obtains the heat in the soil, heats the building after heat pump heating, and passes the cooling quantity of the building to the earth, and gradually reduces the earth's temperature and stores the cold quantity for summer use. Instead of summer, the heat pump circulating water pipe, to obtain the Earth's cooling, after the heat pump refrigeration to the building cooling, while the building heat transfer to the Earth, storage heat for winter use.
So cyclic, the earth as a building of the temperature difference of the energy storage, is to the shallow layer of effective use.
The main advantages of ground-source heat pump can be realized by household billing and simple billing method. The system has high efficiency, low operating cost and saving building space. There are some ground buildings in Shanghai that use ground-source heat pumps, and other office buildings and shopping malls have adopted the energy storage air-conditioning system (ICE storage, water storage air-conditioning) Engineering examples are: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Stadium and so on. Some hospitals and other comprehensive buildings adopt the cold, heat, electricity triple supply system, the project has Huangpu District Central Hospital, Pudong International Airport Phase one project Energy Center. Believe that in the near future, ground source heat pump technology will be used in underground space.
Green energy-saving lighting technology
The energy saving of underground space facility illumination mainly starts from control and energy-saving lamps. Energy-saving lamps have electromagnetic induction lamp, energy-saving ballast and so on. Electromagnetic induction lamp (also known as electrodeless discharge lamp) As a result of breaking through the traditional incandescent lamp, gas discharge light mechanism, has become recognized as a new generation of light source. It has high luminous efficiency, long life, high color rendering, light flux of stability. For lighting system, can also change the use of power system to achieve the best use and energy-saving state, and through filtering and other technologies, to increase the electricity saving rate to 25~50%. This technology can play an important role in the energy saving of underground public buildings.

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