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LED Solar Street Lamps For The Installation Of Material Requirements
- Aug 31, 2017 -

For the lighting industry standardization, LED Street lamp industry is not standard, because many of the industry's statements and practices are not unified. However, with the gradual upgrading of technology and stability, led the standard slowly programmed, now in the field of LED lighting lamps are following this rule. The standardization of things, to develop and grow, in order to survive for a long time.
Through these years of precipitation, led street lamp industry in particular in the light of this module, has reached a consensus, many well-known brands are in the trend of standardization, the future industry in the small and medium-sized led street lamp manufacturers will gradually standardize, only standard, can be popularized.
In today's solar lighting products continue to appear in the case of market competitiveness is increasing, many led solar street lamp factory in order to be able to stand firm in this competition, retain more customers, they have played a price war. Although they are satisfied with the customer's price demand, but it is not to give customers the real quality assurance required.
Some led solar street lamp manufacturers in order to save costs, in the LED solar lamp accessories in the fuss. Absolute large led solar street lamp suppliers from some irregular manufacturers, in the power of the battery board butcher, resulting in insufficient battery capacity, led solar street lamps can not work properly; they also take the way to reduce the battery size to shoddy, reduce costs, improper enrichment And the LED light source Solar street lamp of all accessories, the cost is relatively low, but it is the highest failure rate.
This is why many users purchase a number of street lamps can not achieve the ideal period of use. But this is in the final analysis, not only because of the LED solar street Lamp factory informal development practices, but also because users covet cheap place. So to put an end to this situation, the first is the consumer can not be in the procurement process only pay attention to the price, do not pay attention to quality, that manufacturers should be formal production, should not jerry-building, to long-term development.

Price is decided according to the specific configuration, the material is different, the configuration is different, the price is also different, therefore, the price is also different.