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LED Solar Lawn Lights Light Up The City To Beautify Life
- Aug 31, 2017 -

LED Solar lawn lamp is a set of energy-saving environmental protection, lighting and landscaping environment as one of the new green energy landscape lighting lamps. LED Solar lawn lamp is a kind of street lamp, its market is also very huge. Solar lawn lamp Energy saving, environmental protection, safety, aesthetics. Solar lawn lamp using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cell module, sunlight can be converted into electric energy storage in the daytime, the night after dark light bulb lighting, widely used in the park lawn, garden villas, square green, tourist attractions, resorts, golf courses, Enterprise factory green Landscaping, Residential District green Lighting, a variety of green belts and other landscape embellishment, landscape lighting.

According to statistics, lawn lamp development so far, according to the use of the environment and design style of different, derived from different types, divided into: European lawn lamp, modern lawn lamp, classical lawn lamp, anti-theft lawn lamp, landscape lawn lamp, LED lawn lamp six categories. LED Lawn Lamp Obviously has more advantages, Solar series lawn lamp using high-brightness led light-emitting diode design, with high brightness, easy installation, reliable work, no cable, no consumption of conventional energy, long service life and so on.

Most of the current lawn lamp selection led as a light source, led life long, can reach 100,000 hours above, the use of low voltage, the use of solar lawn lamp is very appropriate. In particular, LED technology has achieved its key breakthrough, and its characteristics in the past 5 years has been greatly improved. At the same time, cost-effective is also greatly improved. Led by the Low-voltage DC power supply, its light source control costs are low, the tone, the frequent switch is probably, and will not adversely affect the performance of the LED. Controlling colors, changing the spread of light, and creating dynamic fantasies are all about the same, so it is especially suitable for use in solar lawn lamps. It has many of its inherent characteristics, and when applied without attention, it can cause undesirable results. However, currently in the market to sell led light-emitting efficiency can only reach 15lm/w, can only reach three chromophores color efficient energy-saving lamps 1/3.

According to estimates, the total number of existing street lamps in China is about 100 million, and the annual growth rate of 20%, 2008 new high-power LED street lamp 20 million. If these 100 million lamps can be converted into 60 million 250-watt street lamps, and then assume that the 60 million street lamps are all converted into solar power LED street lamps, then total can save 15 Million-kilowatt power. It is assumed that each street lamp works 12 hours a day and will save 65.7 billion kwh of electricity in 1 years. The Three Gorges hydropower station in 2007, the total power generation of 61.603 billion degrees of electricity. As a result, the whole country's street lights will be changed to solar-powered streetlights in a year. The electricity generated by the Three Gorges hydropower station is more than one year. This is an extremely alarming number. Even if not to transform the original street lamp, now the annual New street lamps about 20 million, three new 60 million, the same method of calculation, three years later can also save a three Gorges power station. There is no need to mobilize national power, invest hundreds of millions of, and emigrate millions to achieve it.

Not only that, solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that saves electricity and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Each 250-watt high-pressure sodium lamp will produce 1290 kilograms of carbon dioxide in a year, so 60 million streetlights will be reduced to 77.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide after they are converted to solar streetlights. So after the conversion to solar energy, not only to save electricity, but also to save carbon dioxide reduction costs. The cost of reducing carbon dioxide per tonne is $345-404. Cutting 77.4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide is equivalent to saving $31 billion in carbon-dioxide reduction costs!

Led and solar energy is a powerful combination, led solar lawn lamp will be a perfect combination of solar energy and led, solar cell light efficiency is gradually improving, and the price will gradually reduce, the same market led light efficiency in the rapid increase, while the price is decreasing. Compared with renewable energy, clean pollution and environmental energy saving of LED, conventional fossil energy sources are becoming more and more tense and pollute the environment. Therefore, solar LED lighting as a rising outdoor lighting, show us will be infinite vitality and broad prospects.

Solar Lawn lighting source and power system design method due to the unique advantages of solar lawn lamp, in recent years has been rapidly developed. Lawn lamp power is small, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high mobility requirements, circuit laying difficult, waterproof requirements of the site to be applied. These led to solar battery-powered lawn lamp shows many unprecedented advantages, will have a huge impact on urban life lighting, beautify the city environment, Light city life.