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Working principle of all in one solar street light
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Integrated Solar street lamps are converted from solar panels to electricity and then charged to lithium-ion batteries in integrated solar streetlights. During the day, even on a cloudy day, this solar power generator (solar panel) collects, stores the energy needed for the evening automatic supply of LED lights for integrated solar street lamps, the realization of night lighting, at the same time the integration of solar street lamps with PIR human body induction function, can be realized at night intelligent human body infrared Induction control lamp , some people 100% bright, no one time delay after a certain period of automatic to 1/3 brightness, intelligent save more energy. At the same time, solar energy as an "inexhaustible" security, environmental protection of new energy in the integration of solar street lights played an important role.
Solar energy, generally referred to as the radiant energy of sunlight, is generally used as a power generation in modern times. Since the formation of the Earth's living organisms mainly in the sun to provide heat and light to survive, and since ancient times humans also know to sun-dried objects, and as a way to preserve food, such as salt and drying salted fish and so on. But in the reduction of fossil fuels, the intention is to further develop the solar energy. The use of solar energy has passive use (optical heat conversion) and photoelectric conversion two ways. Solar power is a new renewable energy source. The broad sense of solar energy is the source of many energies on earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential energy and so on.

Solar Integrated street lamp/courtyard light is the integration of solar energy products, simple modelling combines today's best green energy combination (solar panels, super bright semiconductor LED light source, lithium iron phosphate battery). With the human body intelligent Sensor system, to achieve low power consumption, long time, high brightness, 8 years of maintenance-free life, in 2008, pioneered in Zhuhai, is the only solar energy in the field from China's independent innovation-oriented new products.